Spark Of Hope Gala 2022

Spark of Hope Gala 2022
Date : Saturday, May 14

Key Services Provided

Life Directions is one of Detroit’s best kept secrets — what we do works!

Validated studies show that our programs promote peace-building that stops addictions, violence and reduce drop outs, while empowering young people to

thrive in school and embrace values and goals that lead to success.

Peer Motivation : brings young people on a positive path together with struggling students. Peers inspire peers to take charge of their lives and make a


Neighborhood Enrichment : connects adults from the community and business to mentor, organize community service learning projects and lead young

adults and teens toward college and quality careers.

Peer Mentor : trains achieving Peer Motivation students to lead at-risk 8th graders to make high school work for them. Life Directions serves Western International High School, Amelia Earhart Elementar Middle School near Clark Park.

Events & Opportunities :

Upcoming events include the Life Directions Spark of Hope Gala,scheduled for Saturday May 14, 2022.

Life Directions is also looking for individuals who would like to organize service projects and field trips, be a mentor, or serve as a guest speaker.


Top Executives

Rev. John Phelps, C.Ss.R.,

President & CEO

Board of Directors

Patrick A. Rugiero, Chair

Jim Schmid, Vice Chair

Terrence B. Larkin, Corporate Treasurer

Luke Jacobi, Secretary

Hon. Thomas M.J. Hathaway, Founding Board Member

Mark Aiello

Charles Bullock

Henry B. Cooney

Donald J. Gasiorek

Juanita Hernandez

Frank W. Jackson, III

Shaelese King

Patrick MacDonald

Eric Madison

Beth McKenney

Nolan McNulty

Timothy O’Brien

John Ozdych

Bruce Wojciechowski

Scott Wrobel