Youth for Peacemakers Join Life Directions’ Peacebuilding Effort.
Lizeth Diaz and Michael Johnson from Western International High School participated in the Metropolitan Youth Policy Summit. The Summit is sponsored by The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan to prepare students for submitting YOUth Voice Social Justice Grants. Lizbeth and Michael are holding the “first draft” for the Youth for Peaceamkers Project!

Satisfy Another’s Hunger and Thirst

Only the thirsty want to drink. Only the hungry want to eat. It’s easily understood.

Hunger and thirst for truth and trust that is greater than human is often stronger.

Be willing to be sent to feed others what we have received spiritually.

Be grateful to satisfy others’ thirst with the forgiving the Master gives.

It’s the way to keep what we have received. If we do not give we will lose what we keep.

Do we want to live this way?

Let nothing separate us from the love of the Master as we confide in the Master’s love for us.

Posted on 10/12/2017 at 12:16 PM