About Us!


Life Directions’ mission is to motivate young adults, ages 13-35 to mature into responsible, productive adults through
self-direction. The core values that center our impact are; self-responsibility, balance in relationships, partnership in diversity, and mission driven attitude.  Life Directions promotes the powerful dynamic of “Peers Inspiring Peers” in
our neighborhoods, high schools, and middle schools. The values promoted by, and incorporated through, our core programs benefit young men and women throughout their life so they can mature into excellent adults capable of giving life to their families and communities. In this respect, Life Directions represents a proven, prudent investment in our future, from generation to generation, compounding with time.    

Life Directions offers:
  • Peer Motivation groups where achieving peers inspire their peers and do community service learning projects.

  • Peer Mentors trained to guide and encourage 8th graders to make High School work for them.

  • Neighborhood Enrichment Program with an intergenerational focused on peer to peer organizing and support in a value driven manner.

  • Focus Family involves families who are interested in healing from past traumas and growing as a family with meaningful enrichment for children and families, and access to lifelong educational opportunities, regardless of age.  

What results from Life Directions’ Programs and Activities:
  • Young people from 13 to 17 and young adults from 18 through their 30's want to be self-determined, take charge of their education, job-readiness, housing and health.

  • Youth and young adults want to be proactive contributors in the community.

  • Forgiving as a realistic way of managing conflicts among people and encourage inclusive ways of seeing diversity.

  • Encouraging leaders to engage the cause of broken relationships in family and community.

  • Networking with allied organizations to develop arts, bi-lingual capacity, talent development and employability skills.

  • Trained faith-based volunteers to connect with young adults from the ages of 18-35 to be spiritual leaders.