Mission Overview

Adds value to organizations that want a concrete way to train and develop staff and volunteers to address conflict and violence in a community. It inspires life-transforming change by creating community awareness of and involvement in the peacemaking process.

Offers the “Training Institute” that trains staff and volunteers using a 4-phase spiritual development program. (mobile to your location or on-site in Detroit)

Shares a methodology with organizations that want to bring about change, so that youth and young adults mature into responsible and productive adults.

Shifts Paradigms through the 12-step process and empowers people with the discipline to live a mission-driven life for the sake of the next generation.

Engages the cause of violence and shows how forgiveness comes from a POWER GREATER THAN HUMAN.

Developed in Public High Schools, feeder middle schools and surrounding neighborhoods in Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; San Antonio, TX; New Orleans, LA; Tucson, AZ; and Salem, OR.

Awakens a hunger for Spirituality among spiritual anorexics.

  • Life Directions develops youth and young adults from 13 to 35 years of age with adults as mentors.

  • Over 160,000 youth and young adults have been impacted since 1973.

  • Our directors have nearly 40 years of experience working in public high schools and feeder schools.

  • Mentors and alumni include:

  1. Kevin Garnett, NBA All-Star (Boston Celtics)

  2. Michael Wright, Power Forward for 2001 NCAA Champion University of Arizona (mentored in Chicago by Kevin Garnett)

  3. Hansen Clarke, former US Congressman (Michigan)

  • Materials are multi-cultural and bi-lingual, with resources for groups including:

  1. African American

  2. European American

  3. Hispanic American

  4. Native American

  5. Asian American

The Search Institute©, a research and resource center in Minneapolis dedicated to “helping people understand what kids need to succeed,” has identified the need for spirituality among young people is the next challenge. Since 1973, Life Directions foundational mission has been taking this challenge head on. Its long-term success is verifiable through nearly 40 years of testimonials and participant surveys. For more information, visitlifedirections.org or call 1-888-552-0540.

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