Ladder of  Development


One Step at a Time . . .

Each year, innovative Life Directions programs inspire young adults to move from risk to opportunity. Giving structure to our interconnected programs is the ladder of development. Moving up the ladder is opportunity. Eighth graders are encouraged to make it through high school, high school students to go onto college, and young adults to plan for vocational security and permanent commitment in family life.

But unique to Life Directions is its view that the path to excellence requires journeying back down the ladder. Young adults partner with persons younger than themselves to make a difference for the next generation. Each circle of peer relationships is supported and guided through the wisdom gained from maturity.

Elders mentor young adults who have completed a Focus Life Weekend, young adults mentor Peer Mentors, and Peer Mentors encourage eighth graders. Knowledge and skills are important for the economic viability of at-risk young adults. But it is wisdom that provides sustainability and the transfer of benefits to the next generation. Put simply, disconnected teenagers and young adults need rooted elders to reconnect them to the life-giving power of forgiveness, culture, and values.