January is National Mentoring Month!

On Monday, January 27, eight Adult Mentors completed their training and were officially certified by Fr. John Phelps, co-founder and CEO, and Ms.Annette Howard, Director of Training. The Adult Mentors will each will be matched with two high school Peer Mentors from Western International High School, who will in turn be mentoring 8th grade students from Earhart Middle School in Southwest Detroit. The program begins February 4th.

Jonathan Isidro on How Life Directions has helped him.

Life Directions is celebrating all our mentors who have served our youth and young adults helping them to deal with day to day challenges and to inspire and motivate them to be successful in life and work.

Life Directions continues to improve the quality and effectiveness of our mentoring programs and relationships so that our participants grow in responsibility, compassion and values. Our programs indicate that high school students and 8th graders grow in both academic and social outcomes. Our program outcomes include:

  • 70% of achieving students will teach their peers the four core values to encourage turning obstacles into opportunities.

  • 70% of achieving students will increase their disciplined approach toward homework.

Life Directions has proven results with 80% of contributions spent on programs.

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