We brought six enthusiastic high school peer mentors from Western International High School to Earhart Elementary, to help them transition to secondary education, in March 2012. What was expected to be a simple meet and greet of potential upper-class men turned into something much more meaningful.
Our liaison, Ms. Kimberly Taylor, saw the impact of focused High School students. She wanted to know what made this work. She did her inquiry. The young people came from the same neighborhoods and socio-economic conditions. But there was something different. She found it hidden in plain sight.
The High School students were Certified Peer Achievers wanting to connect the eighth graders to give them the critical thinking, the conflict managing and the dream making that are the results of peers inspiring their peers. It was electrifying as the roots from the community empowered the young people to want to find their Life Direction.
Congratulations to our new Project Director. Congratulations to her family that gave her the values by which to live. Congratulations to the Board who is doing all it can to make sure their new staff person has what she needs to do what she does. But last but not least, thanks to the High School Students whose leadership gave Ms. Taylor this work – her Life Direction!

Posted on 10/12/2017 at 12:25 PM