Peers want to inspire their peers to turn through attendance from poor to excellent. As we enter the second semester, the young people who are ready to inspire others are more than we can handle. We have room for 60 young people – 20 of whom inspire 40 others to want to be in class, do their work and improve their grade point. When the reading scores go up and the math scores rise, there is a sense of success. It has an electrifying effect. Teachers are grateful and parents are even more encouraged.

Life Directions has a powerful demand. We only have financial support to reach 60 young people. Teachers have identified almost 40 more young people. We have never had a violent act. We have 78% success rate because we don’t promise what we cannot deliver. We are looking to the Tribute Event to spread the word among people who want to invest in young people being the solution to the dropout rate and violence that often become part of the lives for those who are not in school.

By May 12th 40 young people will have awakened 80 peers to be on track to pursue a trade after high school or to not just begin college but to complete it! We will celebrate a great year at Western International High School. 61 of the 310 graduates this year have been in Life Directions Programs. We are grateful as they go on with their futures. It is amazing to see young people ready to take charge of their lives and be part of revitalizing Detroit one person at a time!

Posted on 10/12/2017 at 12:15 PM