Jasmyne Crump knows that she is not the average student at Marshall High School, located in Chicago’s Garfield Park. Other than her distinctive taste in exotic food, such as Jerusalem artichokes, Crump is aware that she is a student who has risen above the social challenges of her neighborhood by graduating from high school and going on to college.

Guest and honorees heard first hand of Jasmyne’s aspirations and accomplishments at the 40th Anniversary Founder’s Day Dinner, on February 25th, at the Chicago Cultural Center. Crump emphasized the urgency of her generation’s responsibility to address the issues that face her community. She also spoke fondly of the people and opportunities Life Directions has afforded her- something she may not have been able to obtain on her own.

“Life Directions has brought volunteers to work with us on our farm. I have met college students from all over the country and the world. We made commercials for the garden that will be on their new web site,” she said. “We met people that were involved in the civil rights movement, and will be going to an event to meet Vincent Harding, an African-American historian, and speech writer for Martin Luther King Jr.”
Thanks Life Directions!

Posted on 10/12/2017 at 12:18 PM