Fluent in both Spanish and English,my expertise was as a Bilingual advertising professional, with extensive production and customer service experience. Identifying, organizing and managing media assets, metadata and physical storage for both retail and corporate clients has been my expertise. Maintained detailed inventory of media assets for quarterly and annual storage billing which contributed to increased revenue. Problem solving and troubleshooting, client management support, planning and implementing pro-active procedures were daily challenges. Established contact with key personnel within production companies and editorial houses, organize information and provide a detailed record for easy reference on projects for the client. A strong team builder, leader and player. In the last four years I have devoted much more of my time and skills to volunteering in the community. I have always felt the need to give back, or better said, "Give Forward". My commitment to our youth in the community is important to me as a mother, and grandmother. Currently, we are making a difference in the lives of our youth in the local high schools, by partnering young professionals and mentors with Life Directions. As a Tutor in the All Saints Literacy Center it is challenging and extremely rewarding to assist adults with learning how to speak, read, and write the English language.

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