Evidence-Based Outcomes

Through independent evaluations measuring the effectiveness of Life Directions programs, researchers at Loyola University, the University of Michigan and Chicago Public Schools all concluded that our participants grow in responsibility, compassion and values. The most recent evaluation of the Peer Motivation and Peer Mentor programs indicated that high school students and 8th graders grow in both academic and social outcomes.


  • 93% of participating eighth-graders stay in school.

  • 62% of participating students increased their percentile rank in reading comprehension.

  • 82%of participating students increased their percentile rank in mathematics.


  • 74% increase taking responsibility for their future (increase in internal locus of control).

  • 68% of participating students are more likely to consider consequences before acting.

  • 67% get along better with others.

  • 68% of participating students increase involvement in school activities.

Program Outcomes include:

  • 50% of lesser-achieving students will interact with people from different cultural backgrounds.

  • 50% of lesser-achieving students will increase the time they spend doing homework.

  • 40% of lesser-achieving students will be less likely to abuse alcohol, drugs, or relationships.

  • 70% of achieving students will teach their peers the four core values to encourage turning obstacles into opportunities.

  • 70% of achieving students will increase their disciplined approach toward homework.

Life Directions Produces Results: 83% of all contributions are spent on programs.

Life Directions inspires achieving peers to motivate, mentor and lead their peers to take charge of their Life Direction!

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